Health Office & Nurse

To provide protection of the students, the District shall make available emergency nursing services during the regular school day and during all school-sponsored student activities. 

Each school in the Edgerton School District has a health assistant who is trained in CPR/AED/First Aid and our District Nurse who travels to each building and is available for health needs and emergencies. Our health staff provide basic aid for injuries and illness, which happen during the school day.

It is often necessary to contact a parent or emergency contact provided. Please make sure that we have the most current phone numbers, including cell phones, so we can reach you immediately. 

Health Services provided:

  • Health plans and procedures

  • Emergency care

  • Medication Administration

  • Health Screenings

  • Health Referrals

  • Communicable disease and immunization responsibilities 

The Health Office is NOT a clinic, and therefore, is not a substitute for the student’s own health care provider.

Our Team

Sandy Bivano

District Nurse
Phone: 608-561-6061
Email Sandy Biviano

Tracie Kransberger

Health Aide Edgerton MS Health Office 
Phone: 608-561-6221
Email Tracie Kransberger

Yisel Diaz-Salgado

Health Aide Edgerton HS Health Office 
Phone: 608-561-6029
Email Yisel Diaz-Salgado

Julie Lodahl 

Health Aide Primary CES Health Office 
Phone: 608-561-6010 x11163
Email Julieann Lodahl

Barb Kronforst

Health Aide Yahara Valley ES Health Office
Phone: 608-884-4931
Email Barb Kronforst

Britney Broshous

Health Aide ICE School Health Office
Phone: 608-561-6010 x11162
Email Britney Broshous