Wartmann Endowment

William and Joyce Wartmann Edgerton Endowment for the Performing Arts

In September of 2003 William and Joyce Wartmann's contribution established an endowment that will be held in perpetuity by the School District of Edgerton.  Since 2002, the Wartmann's and the school district have been working together to establish the endowment, which will provide the community with affordable performances. 

Dr. Norman L. Fjelstad appointed a committee whose responsibility is to determine the appropriate use of the annual distributions from the endowment.  The committee,  known as the WEpac Board (Wartmann Endowment for the performing arts Board).  Current board members of WEpac are: Kirsten Almo (Secretary), Cathe Engler, Diane Everson, Ron Hagemann (President), Elizabeth Hudson, Dr. Amy Horn-Delzer (Vice President), Ellen Knutson (Treasurer), Alan Lemke, Tom Livick, Dr. Dennis Pauli (Chairperson), Jim Raymond, Gary Smith (Education & Fundraising Coordinator), Connie Tronnes, Paul M. Tropp (EPAC Director), Deb Wolniak.  

WEpac has adopted the following for their Mission Statement:

"The WEpac Board strives to provide a diverse selection of quality, affordable entertainment to the Edgerton Community”.


"Chicago Brass Quintet"  with Concert Pianist Bradley Haag.

William Wartmann presents a check to Dr. Norman L. Fjelstad, Superintendent of the School District of Edgerton.

William Wartmann presents a check to Dr. Norman L. Fjelstad, Superintendent of the School District of Edgerton.

On Friday, January 30, 2004 the endowment was kicked off with a sold out performance of the "Chicago Brass Quintet"  with Concert Pianist Bradley Haag. 

The evenings music included a variety of genre:

Allegro*: Antonio Vivaldi

The Music of Bach: Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Chorale: arr. Samuel Adler

  • Bouree: arr. James Mattern

  • Sonatine: arr. Jan Bach

  • Fugue: arr. Irving Rosenthal

Old American Songs* : Arron Copland

  • Simple Gifts

  • The Dodger

  • At The River

  • Ching A Ring Chaw

Excursions: Samuel Barber

  • Un Poco Allegro Bradley Haag

  • Slow Blues Tempo

  • Allegro Molto

Dancing to Restore an Eclipsed Moon: Eric Ewazen
From Shadowcatcher


Swing Low**: Traditional

Suite for French Horn Tuba & Piano: Alec Wilder

  • In a Jazzy Style.

  • Berceuse

  • Hoe-Down

Four Rags*: Scott Joplin

  • The Entertainer

  • Maple Leaf Rag

  • When Your Hair Is Like The Snow

  • Pineapple Rag

Stars and Stripes Forever*: John Phillip Sousa