Grading & Reporting: Fall, 2024

Edgerton School District is switching our focus for grading and reporting. Instead of students chasing percentage points to get a letter grade, we want them chasing learning of course content. We want to ensure we create a system of transparency while empowering students to understand and meet specific learning expectations. Starting in the Fall of 2024, instead of an averaged, points based grade, we will assess based on how well students grasp course learning targets. This approach fosters true learning by providing clear objectives, daily practice, and ongoing feedback from teachers. Students can reassess once they've demonstrated improved learning, ensuring a fair chance to exhibit their understanding.

Edgerton's Guiding Beliefs

  • Academic grades reflect a student’s level of proficiency on identified learning targets, as measured by assessments aligned to course learning targets. 

  • Citizenship skills are foundational skills that we expect all students to demonstrate within the Edgerton School District. Therefore, citizenship skills are assessed separately from academic grades.

  • Students need many opportunities to practice new learning. As such, assignments such as homework completion, are not included in a student's academic grade. Their ability to show responsibility for their learning by completing assignments will be reflected in their citizenship grade. 

  • Our purpose of ensuring ALL students learn at high levels is not predicated upon the notion that all students learn at high levels at the same time. Therefore, we must offer students multiple opportunities to demonstrate they are proficient on identified content at various times in a school year.