Rascal Community Club (RCC)

What is Rascal Community Club (RCC)?

Rascal Community Club (RCC) is the Parent Teacher Organization for Community Elementary School. RCC consists of parents, staff, administrators and community members who are dedicated to providing a positive experience for all of our Community Elementary School families. RCC is a non-profit organization that provides all these services to our Community Elementary School families through donations and volunteers. With support from our community we are able to host many family friendly events throughout the school year.

We have events such as: Bingo for Books, Family Movie Night, Trunk or Treat, End of Year Treat for the whole school, Teacher Appreciation Week treats, School Dance, Bubble Run, and Birthday Month Books (a free book for each child on their birthday). RCC has a fundraiser each fall. Through community support we have the opportunity to sponsor and financially support many needs around the school. We are able to support things such as: school supplies, playground equipment, recess supplies, field trips (money provided for every student), and other classroom needs and supplies that teachers need throughout the school year.

The Rascal Community Club Store has many different school gear clothing options and gift options that families can order throughout the year. We have Limited Edition items time options available during Homecoming, holiday season, spring season.

You can support RCC by joining us at our monthly meetings. You do not need to be able to attend every meeting. We also need volunteers to help with our many events throughout the school year. As a parent or community member you can volunteer at any or all the events and fundraiser distribution. RCC also accepts monetary donations which help support our Community Elementary School families.  

School Year 2023-2024 Meeting Dates

  • August 15th 6:30pm @ Public Library

  • September 19th 6:30pm @ Community Elementary

  • October 10th 6:30pm @ Community Elementary

  • November 14th 6:30pm @ Community Elementary

  • January 16th 6:30pm @ Community Elementary

  • February 20th 6:30pm @ Community Elementary

  • March 19th 6:30pm @ Community Elementary

  • April 16th 6:30pm @ Community Elementary

  • May 21st 6:30pm @ Community Elementary

Board Members


  • Jennifer Naughton

  • Brittany Axcell


  • Abby Mazuk

  • Ronna Timmerman


  • Mandy Balleine

To contact the RCC please email rcc@edgerton.k12.wi.us