Parenting Resources

Child Mind is providing video chats via Facebook Live with expert clinicians on parenting during the Coronavirus - Daily at 9am and 3:30pm.

Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus | Child Mind Institute

For parents, prioritizing your own needs can be very difficult, but it will help ensure that you have the bandwidth needed to take good care of your family.

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Explaining Coronavirus to Kids

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus | Parenting Tips & Advice | PBS KIDS for Parents

With coronavirus being a concern for grown ups, kids might also be worrying. Here's how to talk about COVID-19 with your young children, plus ways to practice healthy habits all year round.

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Students with Disabilities

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Daily Schedule for ADHD Families: Homeschooling During Coronavirus

A daily schedule comforts and guides children with ADHD through uncertain times. Keep your child happily learning and achieving goals while social distancing and working from home.

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How to cope with disrupted family routines during COVID-19 | Autism Speaks

School closures are now widespread as part of the U.S. response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While these are critical steps to protect the health of Americans, the disruption in routine for children with autism or special needs can be incredibly hard.

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