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Testing at EHS in the Performing Arts Center entrance from 7:30am - 3:30pm

9-26-2021 Update:

Dear Caregivers,

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work out the logistics of Covid-19 testing at the high school.  Beginning Monday, September 27, we will only test one family at a time.  Similar to ordering takeout food at Culver's, we will have one designated space for a car to park (like a drive up window space), drivers should put on hazard lights and come inside the vestibule to be tested.  Once testing is complete, move your car forward and wait for the rapid test results (approximately 15 minutes).  All individuals in cars behind the car in the designated space should remain in their car until
moving into the designated space to park and go inside for a test.

The attached map illustrates this new procedure. 

Thank you,
Dr. Pauli

Overhead view of Edgerton High School.


Good afternoon,

Beginning today we are offering both a rapid antigen Covid-19 test and a PCR test.  As a result, we have modified our onsite testing and quarantine procedures. A negative rapid test will reduce the number of siblings needing to quarantine if a brother or sister is symptomatic.  Our goal is to keep students in school.  The new Covid-19 testing and quarantine procedures are as follows:

If a child that is symptomatic gets an onsite rapid Covid test and it is negative their siblings can stay in school (results within 15 minutes). The symptomatic student will also be given the PCR test, sent home, and can return immediately to school if the PCR test is negative. Siblings of the tested student can remain in school as long as both the rapid and PCR tests are negative. 

If the parents do not want their child tested immediately at school with the rapid test, then the symptomatic child and their siblings will be sent home until a negative PCR test result is provided.

As with any medical procedures such as distribution of medication, parent consent is required for a rapid or PCR test to be administered at school.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  

Dr. Pauli