Edgerton Drama Club Play


Magic in Me

Magic in Me

Edgerton School District’s 5th - 8th grade Drama Club will be presenting the musical “Magic in Me”, written by Gail & Grant Golden. 

Magic In Me emphasizes how special each person is.  Equipped with nothing more than a toy shovel and pail, little Do-Nothing Dale appears to be a wizard in name only.  Laughed at and excluded by her colleagues, Magnificent Mervin and Wonder Wanda, Dale sets out on a journey to find her own “little bit of magic.”  Queen Marilyn Melody of Musicland and Coco the Clown, King of Laughterland, do their best to help her, but it’s not until her encounter with the evil Weatherman on the Planet of Sad Flowers that Dale discovers just what it is that makes her unique.  This highly imaginative story gently teaches while serving up a large portion of fun and folly, with bright musical numbers to add sparkle to the story.

5th and 7th Grade drama students will perform on Thursday, April 20, 6PM, at the Edgerton Performing Arts Center.  6th and 8th grade drama students will perform on Friday, April 21, 6PM, at the Edgerton Performing Arts Center.  The performances are free and open to the public.


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