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Adult Lap Swim - Posted Staff Protocols and Patron Expectations:

  • Staff Protocols:

    1. Prepare pool deck for social distancing (set up benches, secure locker room doors etc.)
    2. Ensure Lane Assignments are Followed
    3. Following each Shift: Sanitize benches, deck, and bathroom (if used)

    Adult Patron Expectations:

    1. Must register prior to arrival using Sign Up Genius (found on school website)
      1. One person per lane (up to 3 if living at same residence)
      2. All patrons must be adults (18 years old or older)
      3. No children shall arrive with an adult patron
      4. Must provide name and phone number for contract tracing
    2. Enter building/pool through entrance #212
    3. Must wear a mask until in the water (remove prior to entering pool and wear immediately once out of pool)
      1. Patrons must arrive with suit on
      2. Leave wet (quick dry-off on pool-deck with personal towel)
      3. Provide own water bottle
    5. Bathroom (pool deck) for emergency use only
    6. After 45 minute time period expires:
      1. Exit pool
      2. Wear mask immediately after exiting water
      3. Dry off (5 min.)
      4. Exit pool area through door #212