Traffic Update

Edgerton Community Elementary Schools Traffic Flow Update

Thank you for your continued diligence in keeping our students safe during drop off and pick up times.  Below are a few scenarios that may provide additional guidance:

Parking Lot:

“Kiss and Go Lane”

Pick Up & Drop Off Only / No Parking: These spots should only be used briefly. For example, walking with your student in or out of the building (sick kiddo, clothing or lunch drop off). 

These are 15 minute parking spots. 

There is no parking in the “Kiss and Go Lane”.

During the day it is used for quick pick-ups and drop-offs.

After school, there is also no parking in this area as it is a fire lane.

DROP-OFF LANE TIPS (AKA Kiss-and-Go Lane) 

  • Enter the drop-off lane via Ridgeway Street. 

  • When using the drop-off lane, pull as far forward as you can as this will provide space for more cars to enter the drop-off lane area. 

  • Stay in the right-hand lane until your student has exited your vehicle. 

  • Students should only exit vehicles from the passenger side along the curb. 

  • Students should be 100% prepared to exit the car with all of their belongings. If your student is unable to do so independently, please park in a Pick-up or Drop-off Spot or in the lot near Edgerton Children’s Center and escort them through the crosswalk. 

  • Drivers must remain in their vehicles. No one is to exit the vehicle on the driver’s side. 

  • There is no parking in the Kiss-and-Go Lane.


  • Cars are not to park in the yellow fire lane area in front of the school. 

  • Parents may want to consider parking across the creek by the footbridge and having their 1st - 5th grade students walk to them.  

  • If a kindergarten student has older siblings, the older siblings can bring the kindergarten student to your car. 

  • Students must enter the vehicle on the passenger side only. If support is needed, an adult should support the child to the opposite side.  

  • If your kindergarten student does not have older siblings, you will need to park your car and walk to the main entrance where you will wait for your student.