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  • Tips from Takers

    • Take the exam in "Incognito Mode". Google will email you a username and password to access tools like Drive, Calendar, and Gmail. Using a private browsing window, or incognito mode will help prevent accidentally switching between accounts. 

    • Google the answers to questions! Seriously, if you're unsure of features that exist, or what specific words mean such as Omnibox, just google it. That is encouraged. 

    • You need to use a webcam while taking the exam to ensure you're not a robot. If you have one of those stickers covering it, you'll need to remove it. 

    • The exam takes 3 hours, so plan accordingly. 

    • During the interactive part of the exam, use copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) when asked to name a doc, or write a sentence. If the spelling isn't EXACTLY as asked in the question, you will get the question wrong. Remember, your answers are graded by software, not people. 

    • You can come back to questions you don't know the answer to, so don't lose track of time.