School-Based Mental Health Services Explained

  • What are school-based mental health services?

    School-based mental health services are professional assessments, therapies, and skill trainings provided to individual students at the school, with the support and involvement of the student's parent. We work with Stateline Mental Health Services to provide services to pre-kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school students and their families.

    Why provide school-based mental health services?

    • Remove barriers for students to access needed services
    • Meet the child in their natural setting/comfort zone
    • Reduce out of school time to travel to services
    • Increase opportunities to coordinate services with school, staff, and family
    • Support student success and mental health

    Who provides school-based mental health services?

    Stateline Mental Health Services, LCC based out of Beloit, WI, has been offering services to individuals of all ages and backgrounds since November of 2014. Their mission is to provide quality care for all clients in an environment that promotes healing and growing. You may check out their website for more information.

    When are services available for school-based mental health services?

    Services are provided during the school day, evenings upon request, and during school breaks.

    How to arrange for school-based mental health services...

    A school staff person may suggest to a student's parent(s)/guardian(s) that they could benefit from mental health services. If the parent(s)/guardian(s) are interested in accessing services for their child, they are able to complete the referral process online using the link below or they may contact the student's school counselor to make the referral.

    How are school based mental health services funded?
    Typically, sessions are funded through a students insurance provider or out-of-pocket payments.  Additionally, there is a Stateline Scholarship fund established to assist with access for students who need it. 

Making a Referral

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