Kindness Week Logo
  • Kindness Week Dress Up Days

    Monday, April 16th – Dream of Kindness

    • Wear Your Pajamas

    Tuesday, April 17th – Golden Rule Day

    • Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated & Dress Alike

    Wednesday, April 18th – Unity in Class Colors

    • Freshman – Yellow
    • Sophomores – Orange
    • Juniors – Green
    • Seniors – Blue
    • Staff – Purple

    Thursday, April 19th – Superhero Day

    • Dress Up Like Someone Who Inspires You  (A friend, a teacher, a coach or a superhero)

    Friday, April 20th – Community

    • Wear “Choose Kind” T-Shirts and RED!
  • Kindness Week Activities

    Monday, April 16th – Be Kind to Your Teachers & Administrators

    • Express kindness and gratitude in a letter to a current or former teacher or school administrator
    • Help a teacher clean up after class
    • Snacks will be provided for all EHS staff in the staff lounge courtesy of Edgerton Hospital

    Tuesday, April 17th – Be Kind to Your Classmates

    • Write out compliments or kind messages on post-it notes and place them on the lockers of your classmates
    • Start a conversation with a stranger

    Wednesday, April 18th – Be Kind to Your Community

    • Campus Clean Up—Pick up garbage at the Elementary & Middle Schools
    • Invite someone new to sit with you or sit at a new table during lunch
    • Visit with a comfort dog in the EHS library from 11am to 3pm
    • Movie Night in the LMC: Wonder at 7pm

    Thursday, April 19th – Be Kind to Your Custodians & Lunch Staff & Kindness Week Sponsors

    • Write a thank you note to a custodian or lunch staff member
    • Write a thank you note for one of Kindness Week’s many supporters
    • Offer to help clean up after lunch, during your open or after school

    Friday, April 20th – Be Kind to Yourself

    • Write yourself a positive note or inspirational quote & hang it in your locker
    • Practice self-care and be mindful of what you consume
    • Act on what you NEED instead of what you WANT
      • Carve out time in your schedule for YOU
      • Ask for help if you need it
    • Express yourself in a way that is comfortable, creative and unique
      • Diary, blog, music, short story, painting, drawing, etc.
    • Snacks will be provided for all EHS students during homebase courtesy of Edgerton Hospital