• This is a press releasing regarding a matter that involves a former teacher in the Edgerton School District, Mr. Kyle Bowman, and a former student in the School District of Edgerton. 

    In November, 2015, it was reported to administration that Mr. Bowman allegedly was involved in sending/receiving text messages with a former student in our District.  Given the nature of the communication (which did not involve violence or firearms or threats), the administration immediately reported the matter to local law enforcement authorities.  Authorities investigated the concerns and the District fully cooperated throughout the investigation.  In addition, we contacted local youth services agencies. 

    Today the School District of Edgerton learned of the District Attorney’s decision to charge Mr. Bowman with criminal charges stemming from allegations of inappropriate conduct with a minor.  We have also been informed that the conduct leading to the charges did not occur while Mr. Bowman was an employee of the District. 

    Student health and safety are the foremost priorities of the School District of Edgerton.  The District has taken steps to assure the continued safety of all students in the school district.  A thorough background check is conducted of every employee before they begin their work in the district.  The District will continue to cooperate fully with the Edgerton Police Department and any other investigative agencies looking into this matter.   We are confident the steps we have taken are appropriate and help to minimize, if not eliminate, the risk of danger to any current student in the School District of Edgerton.