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Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Education with a minor in Mathematics (1-9) MS in Educational Leadership

Ms. Amy Badertscher


Math Grades and Procedures

Homework:  Every homework grade is recorded daily in Infinite Campus.

  • If your child received an “M,” this means that they did not get the assignment completed.  If they hand in the late assignment 1 day after the due date, I will grant them a 70%.  If not,  the students have until the next assessment (quiz/test) to complete the homework for a grade of a 50%.  (Subject to change throughout the year.)
  • If your child received a blank score, this means that they were absent from class. This needs to be made up approximately within two days of his/her return.
  • The lowest homework grade of the trimester will be dropped.

Exit/Entrance Tickets: Will be given periodically to see how well the students are learning the current unit being taught. They will be able to use these to help them on any assessment given by the teacher.  The lowest grade on a Ticket will be dropped per trimester.

Quizzes:  Quizzes can’t be retaken.  (Subject to change throughout the year.) The lowest Quiz grade of the trimester will be dropped when grading.

Tests:  Tests CAN be retaken/fixed.

  • 80% is the highest grade that your child can receive on any test that is retaken/fixed. (Subject to change throughout the year.)

Extra Credit:

  • Opportunities for extra credit are done through participating, recording daily bell ringers and on assessments (quizzes/test).

Writing Assessments:  This is required every trimester.

  • Your child will graded on one math writing assessment per trimester.

Online Math Book:  Big Ideas Math

  • Most of your child’s homework will be through the online book or on a worksheet (paper copy).

Front-Row Math Website:  Extra Math Practice Online

  • Your child can be practicing their math skills throughout the week/weekend. This is a great opportunity for kids to practice their facts daily.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.