School Honors

  • Academic Awards

    A student will earn an academic award each time they accumulate 3 points based on the semester honor roll (through 7 semesters).  Points are earned for semester grades as follows:

    3 points              High Honors

    2 points              Honors

    1 point               Honorable Mention

    Awards are issued as follows:

    Letter = 3 points

    1st Gold Bar = 6 points

    2nd Gold Bar = 9 points

    3rd Gold Bar = 12 points

    4th Gold Bar = 15 points

    5th Gold Bar = 18 points

    Gold Lamp Pin = 21 points

    Activity Letters

    Activity letters, bars and pins can be earned in some clubs.  Students should speak to club advisors regarding these opportunities. 

    Distinguished Service Graduate

    The designation of “Distinguished Service Graduateis awarded to students who qualify. Distinguished service graduates are recognized at Senior Awards Night and will wear white honor cords at the graduation ceremony.  Such a designation is awarded to a student who meets the following criteria:

    1.       Two hundred volunteer hours must be recorded during a student’s four years of high school. 
    2.       Only actual hours of service may be recorded. Travel time, required meetings and miscellaneous time may not be recorded.
    3.       Students must fill out a timesheet and have a supervising (non-parent) adult sign it before the hours are recorded. Time sheets may be obtained at the Counseling Office.
    4.       It is recommended the student turn in timesheets on a monthly basis, and it is strongly encouraged to do so at least once a year.
    5.       All hours are due by May 1 of the senior year (if a student is applying for Edgerton Local Scholarships - hours need to be in prior to the scholarship deadline [mid-February] in order to state they have              received the award on their application.
    6.       A reflection sheet must be filled out upon completion of all hours.

    Honor Roll

    A student’s overall grade point average is used to determine eligibility for the honor roll.  To be eligible for the honor roll, a student must:

    1.   Be enrolled full-time.
    2.   Earn at least 3.0 credits per semester.

    High Honors             3.85  - 4.000

    Honors                    3.50  - 3.849

    Honorable Mention   3.00  - 3.490

    The honor roll will be published in The Edgerton Reporter and The Janesville Gazette each semester.  A name may be removed from the honor roll upon a student’s or parent/guardian’s request.

    Honors Program

    An Honors Program exists to recognize those students who strive to do more than is required while achieving a high level of academic performance.  Students will receive their honor cords at the Senior Awards Ceremony practice.

    1. Academic Honors

    Students earning academic honors will wear gold honor cords at the graduation ceremony.  To earn academic honors, a student must:

      1. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5.
      2. The above will be based on seven (7) semesters.
    1. Fine Arts Honors

    Students earning fine arts honors will wear blue honor cords at the graduation ceremony.  To earn fine arts honors, a student must:

      1. Have at least a 3.75 GPA in band, choir or art.
      2. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.
      3. Have completed a minimum of 3.5 credits in art (art courses in the 8th semester will be considered.)
      4. Have completed a minimum of 3.5 credits for band or choir and enrolled in 8th semester of band or choir.
    1.   Career and Technical Education (CTE) Honors

    Students earning CTE honors will wear black honor cords at the graduation ceremony.  To earn CTE honors, a student must: 

      1. Have at least a 3.5 GPA in agriculture, business marketing education, computer science, family and consumer education and/or technology education courses.
      2. Have at least a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.
      3. Have completed a minimum of three credits in the CTE areas.
      4. The above will be based on (7) semesters.  Courses in the 8th semester will be considered.
      5. Only online courses that are not offered at Edgerton High School may be counted in the minimum credits required.
      6. Credits earned through the Start College Now and Early College Credit Program in the CTE areas will count.

    National Honor Society

    The Edgerton Chapter of the National Honor Society inducts new members annually.  Membership is limited to juniors and seniors and is based on excellence in four areas: scholarship, leadership, service and character.

    Scholarship:  3.5 GPA

    Leadership:   4 letters of recommendation

    Service:    12 school and or community activities

    Character: By vote of the EHS faculty

    More details about the purpose of the National Honor Society and the selection process can be found at