2020 Summer School

  • Due to the Safer at Home order, all schools in the state are closed through June 30th.  To keep our students and staff safe, all summer school classes will be held virtually beginning June 1st.  If you signed up for summer school prior to school closing on March 13th, we are asking you to please sign up again as we have had to restructure our entire program.  

    This summer, we are offering 4 different sessions in which your student may participate in summer school.  They can participate in one session or multiple.  Classes are also structured so that your student may do the activities at a time that works best for them.  There will be set times for video conferences with the teachers but teachers are working to set up learning so that students may access it at any time.  This means there are no set hours for classes.  

    Enrollment is due by 4:00pm on May 22nd.  Please be sure to complete this form by then to guarantee your students enrollment.  You will receive an email, at the email you provide below, confirming your students enrollment as well as letting you know if any courses have been cancelled due to low enrollment.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email Tracy Deavers at tracy.deavers@edgerton.k12.wi.us

    Thank you for your patience and flexibility with our new programming of summer school.  It is appreciated!

2020 Course Information