Learning & Student Support Services

  • Drew Wellman is the Director of Pupil Services for the Edgerton School District.

    Alternative Education: The Edgerton School District provides a variety of alternative educational options aimed at meeting the needs of students if they are not able to demonstrate success in the traditional school setting.


    English Language Learners: The ELL program offers assistance to help bridge the communication gaps and provide supports ensuring academic success for students who are not native English speakers.


    Family Resource Center: The Family Resource Center is a community center for ALL families that focuses on providing resources and opportunities to strengthen the family's ability to succeed in today's society.


    Health Services: Our district contracts with Rock County for nursing services. Each school has the capability of caring for sick children and distributing medication.


    Homeless Support Services: The District understands that families may experience extreme economic hardship and fully embraces its obligations toward implementing the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act aimed at providing stability for students whose families are in transition.


    Psychological Services: School Psychologists are employed by the district to provide assistance in maximizing a student's achievement in their educational setting.


    School Counseling: The District utilizes a curriculum based on the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model.  Counselors work closely with students, parents, teachers and other supports to meet the developmental and academic needs of our students.


    Social Work: The District assists children and their families experiencing educational difficulties due to outside influences.  Our Pre-K - 12 School Social Worker utilizes district and community resources in an effort to work with families to address problems that are interfering with a student's success in school.


    Special Education: The Edgerton School District provides services for students ages three to twenty-one who are identified as having a need for special education. Individualized programs for children with educational disabilities are designed to meet the students' unique educational needs.


    State & District Testing: A variety of state and district assessments are given at virtually every grade level.  The data generated from these assessments are instrumental in designing and improving the array of programs and curriculum offered throughout the District.  To view how our students are performing on state wide assessments go to https://dpi.wi.gov/wisedash.


    Talented & Gifted: The District recognizes that each student possesses unique needs and abilities. In an effort to meet the needs of high-potential students the District employs a variety of programs and services to extend the learning and challenge these students in their academic endeavors.