Tide Running Page

  • Looking for some basic information on the current season?  You found it!  Instead of asking your coach what time the bus leaves, or what time do I run, use this site for your all inclusive resource (or...you could just listen to what he tells you each day at practice....).

    CC @ ET 4 HCR

    2020 Schedule - 

    TBD (sometime in late July)  Fall Sports Meeting

    HS Only  6:00


    Monday, Aug. 17th First Day of Practice

    HS Only 4:00 Tennis Courts


    Thursday, Aug. 29th     Brodhead Invite ~~ Brodhead 

    Brodhead Schools

    Times Not Confirmed

    HS Only Bus:  2:25

    Races:   GV @ 4:45,  BV @ 5:15,  JV @ 5:45

    Team Dinner hosted by:  

    Map Link:  Brodhead Map



    First Day of School ~~ Tuesday, September 1st


    Thursday, Sept. 3rd Cam-Rock Invitational ~~ Cambridge

    Cam-Rock Park II

    Cnty Hwy B between Rockdale and Cambridge

    Times Not Confirmed

    HS Bus: 2:00

    Races: GJV @ 4:00, GV @ 4:40

         BV @ 5:20, BJV @ 6:00


    Team Dinner hosted by: 

    Map Link: Cam-Rock Map

    Labor Day Run & Breakfast ~~ Monday, September 7th

    High School Only, Optional, 8:00 at Gould's House


    Thursday, Sept. 10th Poynette Invitational ~~ Poynette

    Sheperd Golf Course

    Times Not Confirmed


    HS Bus:  2:15

    MS Bus:  4:00 

     Races:   Girls @ 4:30     Boys @ 5:15

                  MS @ 6:00

    Team Dinner hosted by: 

    Map Link:  Poynette Map

    Tuesday, Sept. 15th        Rock Valley Classic ~~ Edgerton

    Silverwood Park

    Times Not Confirmed

    HS Bus:  2:45

    MS Bus:  4:00

    Races by Grade:  9th and 10th  4:15

                            11th and 12th  5:00

                              7th and  8th   5:45

    Team Dinner hosted by: 

    Friday, Sept. 18th           Rio Invite ~~ Rio

    Rio High School

    Times Not Confirmed

    HS Bus: 2:15

     Races:   Girls @ 4:30,  Boys @ 5:15

     Team Dinner hosted by: 

    Map Link: Rio Map


    Tuesday, Sept. 29th       Jefferson Invitational ~~ Jefferson

    Jefferson Golf Course, Dewey Avenue

    Times Not Confirmed

     HS Bus:  2:45

    MS Bus:  4:00

    Races:  Girls @ 4:15, Boys @ 4:55, MS @ 5:30 and 6:00

     Team Dinner hosted by:

    Map Link: Jefferson Map

    Friday, Oct. 2nd Homecoming Run ~~ Whitewater


    All details to be figured out....

    Mini Parade begins around 9:45

    Depart for East Troy no later than 10:15

    Arrive East Troy by 11:15

    Start run to Eagle Springs by 11:30

    Arrive at Eagle Springs Pub by 12:20

           Lunch at Eagle Springs Pub - minimal cost thanks to EHS CC Boosters!

    Depart for Edgerton no later than 12:50

    Arrive at EHS for Pep Rally by 1:40


    Meet at Deegan's for run to stadium 6:20

    Leave for stadium by 6:30


    Saturday, Oct. 10th         Baertschi Open ~~ Albany

    No Times Confirmed

    HS Bus:  7:15

    No MS Bus- those running must leave with HS at 7:15 - parents are not to bring their child to site.

    Races:  Girls Varsity  9:00    Boys Varsity 9:35

    GJV 10:10    BJV 10:50

    MSG 11:20   MSB 11:40

    Open 12:00  

    Awards 12:30

    Team Dinner hosted by:  

    Map Link: Albany Map

    Thursday, Oct. 15th         Conference ~~ Whitewater

    UW Whitewater Campus (be aware of parking restrictions)

         Lots 11 (Williams Center) and 24 (Stadium) only.  

    No Times Confirmed

     HS & MS Bus: 2:00

     Races:  MS 3:30/3:32  GV 4:10, BV 4:50,  All JV 5:25

     Team Dinner Hosted by:  Salimes

    Map Link:HS Course

                   MS Course     


    Saturday, Oct. 24th           Sectionals ~~ Lake County Lutheran (Hartland)

    401 Campus Drive, Hartland

    No Times Confirmed

    HS Only Bus:  8:00

    Races:  Girls 11:00, Boys 11:45

    Team Dinner Hosted by: Gould after our 4:00 practice.

    Map Link:  Sectional Map

    We will stop for lunch on the way home.  ETA back to Edgerton is 4:30.


    Saturday, Oct. 31st         WIAA State ~~ WI Rapids

    Rapids Golf Course

    HS Only Bus:

    Races: Boys D2 , Girls D2 

    Team Dinner Hosted by:  Coach Gould