High School CC News


    Summer Letter 2020

    Summer Training 2020



    Tentative 2020 CC Schedule

    Monday, August 17 First Day of Practice

    Thursday, August 27 Brodhead Invitational  Brodhead

    Tuesday, September 1 First Day of School

    Thursday, September 3 Cam-Rock Invitational

    Thursday, September 10 Pauquette Invitational Poynette

    Tuesday, September 15 Rock Valley Classic Edgerton

    Friday, September 18 Rio Invitational

    Tuesday, September 29 Jefferson Invitational

    Friday, October 2 Homecoming Run (Whitewater)

    Saturday, October 12 Albany Invitational Albany

    Thursday, October 10 Conference Meet Whitewater

    Saturday, October 24 Sectionals at Hartland

    Saturday, October 31 State at WI Rapids



    How to get into Cross Country Shape


    **start your conditioning for the upcoming season by June 11th


    **do some easy stretching twice a day, 5-7 times a week


    **focus on building your endurance – long distance at a comfortable pace


    **run by number of minutes versus number of miles


    **increase total minutes slowly (see Summer Training chart for examples)


    **keep a running log, indicating date, time run, weather, location, etc.


    **at a minimum, be able to run for one hour at an easy pace by August 17th


    **first practice is Monday, August 17th from 4:00-5:30/6:00


    All practices before school begins will be from 4:00-5:30/6:00.  Please plan your summer schedule to attend on these days at this time! You will not be able to compete for the team until you have completed a minimum of 6 practices, and our first meet is the 27th.  Remember – you may not practice with the team until all paperwork is in to the school office.  This includes:


    **a current physical or alternate card

    **signed athletic code

    **current emergency care form

    **paid athletic fee

    **cleared grade report

    **probably something else I can’t remember!


    Attend the Falls Sports Meeting where you can take care of most of these.  If you need a physical for this year, call to schedule one today.