• Buildings & Grounds Committee: Jim Raymond*, Jeremiah Johnson, Brandon Ferrell

    • Works with the administration as well as the Coordinator of Buildings & Grounds and Maintenance in reviewing the district's maintenance plans. establishing budget priorities for the coming year, and maintaining the
      five-year capital improvement plan.

    CESA Board Representative: Kathy Klein

    • The district's representative to the CESA #2 Delegate Convention. required by Wisconsin state statute. This convention is typically held on a Tuesday in May at the CESA #2 offices in Whitewater.

    Policy Committee: Kathy Klein*, Leia Maves, Kelly Kwiatkowski

    • Responsible for reviewing district policies and for initiating new policies as needed.

    WASB Convention Delegate: Matt Towns

    • The district's representative to the Delegate Assembly at the annual State Joint Education Convention in Milwaukee, typically held on a Wednesday afternoon in January.

    Personnel Relations Committee: Derek Ninmer*, Kelly Kwiatkowski, Leia Maves

    • Responsible for negotiating base salaries with collective bargaining units, determining compensation and working conditions for non-represented employee groups (excluding administrators). and handling all other employee-related issues that may arise.

    Auxiliary Services Committee: Steve Doll*, Brandon Ferrell, Jeremiah Johnson

    • Meets as needed to support the administration with any and all third-party providers engaged by the school district. These include but are not limited to: transportation provider, 4K centers. food service provider. and utility providers.

    Executive Committee: Matt Towns*, Derek Ninmer, Steve Doll, Kathy Klein

    • Consists of the Board President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Clerk. In addition to duties relevant to each office. this committee is responsible for oversight and evaluation of the District Administrator and other issues pertaining to the administration.