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    April 22, 2023 at 2:00 PM & 6:30 PM Tickets $15

    Featuring the top talents from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin Singers entertains more than 50,000 annually with stellar vocals, stunning choreography and spectacular big band sound from the past forty years. Wisconsin Singers students come from a variety of majors across campus, all of whom have a passion for excellence, either onstage as a performer or working behind the scenes in backstage or entertainment management internships.  Recognized as the very first collegiate pop music ensemble that features song, dance, and live instrumentals, Wisconsin Singers has been touring the country since 1967 with brand new shows each year, created to engage audience members of any age. 

    Tickets are available online https://tickets.edgertonpac.com/ or by phone at (608)561-6093   

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    Funded by the William and Joyce Wartmann Endowment for the Performing Arts


    Class Dynamix

    The opening act for the Wisconsin Singers concert on April 22, 2023 will be Edgerton’s own elementary students, who will perform the new school anthems they compose with award winning songwriter Danny Gough of Class Dynamix. Featured on Britain’s Got Talent, see video below.  Class Dynamix helps young people grow in confidence and self-esteem through their dynamic original material. Danny will
    work with Edgerton’s students in workshops throughout the year to write songs and create music videos. Students will then perform at the Wisconsin Singers concert.