School Employee Wellness Clinic

  • This clinic provides convenient, hassle-free,LOW COST health care options for ESD Dean Health Plan members.
    • 100% Patient Confidentiality 
    • Annual Preventative Exams 
    • Well Child Exams 
    • Blood Draws / Labs 
    • Outreach for overdue screenings 
    • Acute Care – strep throat, ear infection, UTI, rash, etc. 
    • Chronic Condition Management 
    • Mental Health - immediate support and coordinating future services 
    • Establish a wellness plan and make referrals to appropriate resources, such as dietitians, counselors, community resources, etc.
    Schedule on (After having at least one provider visit.)

    School Employee Wellness Clinic Brochure

Wellness Activities and Programs


    As part of our wellness initiative, ESD offers many additional programs and opportunities for our staff.

    • Available to ANY ESD Employee
    • Yoga classes
    • District Sponsored Wellness Days
    • Access to District Facilities
    • Workplace Flexibility to Promote Exercise
      • use of facilities during breaks and prep-times supported
    • Steeping Wellness Program:
      • Monthly newsletters with simple tips and tricks to living a balanced life.
      • Engaging wellness challenges
      • Connect with Steeping Wellness if you’re unsure of where to go for your well-being
  • Where do I go brochure? Click to View