Edgerton High School Swimming Lessons

  • Steps for signing up for swimming lessons:

    1. Go to the Sign-Up Genius link.

    2. Choose the time and level. 

    3. Bring payment to the first swimming lesson

      1. Cost is $30 per student
      2. Cash or check only


Swim Levels

  • Level 1

    • Fully submerge face/bubble blowing
    • Enter/exit water independently 
    • Experience buoyancy and floating front and back
    • Supported kicking front and back
    • Demonstrate alternating arm action

    Level 2

    • Hold breath and submerge for 3 seconds minimum
    • Retrieve objects underwater
    • Front and back float independently 
    • Flutter kick front and back
    • Combined alternating arm action with a kick
    • Turning over (back to front)
    • Rhythmic breathing

    Level 3

    • Jump into deep water from the side of the pool unassisted
    • Front and back crawl for ten yards
    • Retrieve submerged objects with eyes open
    • Reverse direction on front and back
    • Preform dive from kneeling and compact positions
    • Preform elementary backstroke kick

    Level 4

    • Comfortable in deep water
    • Dive from the side of the pool from standing and stride position
    • Tread water in the deep end for two minutes
    • Front and back crawl for 25 yards
    • Elementary backstroke 10 yards
    • Demonstrate breaststroke kick

    Level 5 & Level 6

    • Front crawl and back crawl (50-100 yards)
    • Breaststroke 25 yards
    • Sidestroke 10-25 yards
    • Flip turns at the wall
    • Begin diver progression from the diving platform
    • Dolphin kick

    Levels for swim lessons are NOT age-related, they are performance-related. When choosing a lesson, your child should be able to do what is listed below before preceding to the next level. If there is a question err on the side of caution (Level down). For any other questions contact Russ Lietzat russ.lietz@edgerton.k12.wi.us or call 608-561-6192