• Advisers:  Tracy Hataj (Rotary Club Member) and Lisa Tate

    The Rotary-sponsored Interact Club is a student run club dedicated to doing service projects in our community.  The club also provides a way to earn hours for the Distinguished Service Award.  Anyone can join, and ideas on the ways the club can help out in the community are always welcome.
    Some volunteer activities in the past have included:  
    Haunted Train Ride
    Members working at Haunted Train Ride
    Silverwood Farms Fall Fest
    Students assisting at Fall Fest
    Salvation Army Bell Ringing
    Students ringing the bell for the Salvation Army
    Humane Society
    Students helping out at the Humane Society
    Storybook Maze
    Students helping run the storybook maze
    YMCA Carnival
    Student run games at the YMCA Carnival
    And last but not least, enjoy the video that was the outcome of a fundraiser for Friends of Noah: