• Foods Courses

    Foods 1 

    This is an introductory course, which offers students the basics of food preparation. Foods 1 focuses on safety and sanitation around the kitchen. It also teaches students the different types of cookery including proteins, dairy, fruits, vegetables and grains.
    There is a $20.00 lab fee for this course.

    Foods 2 - Food Quantities Measures

    Foods 2 is a continuation of Foods 1 in building the knowledge of foods and related career study. Study of standardized recipes, equivalents, abbreviations, weights and measures, food presentations, and appropriate substitutions. The technical aspects extending and reducing recipes and menu costing will also be a component.

    This course is a transcripted credit course through Blackhawk Technical College. Students have the opportunity to earn 1 college credit. 
    There is a $20.00 lab fee for this course.

    Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management

    This upper level course will take the basic principles learned in Foods 1 and Foods 2 classes and apply those principles and prepares students for careers related to culinary arts and hotel/restaurant management. Labs for this class will depend on the interests of the students. There is an emphasis on creative cuisine, food presentation, and facility/personnel management. Students create their own recipes and complete a project based on their personal career goals and interests.
    There is a $20.00 lab fee for this course.