Dean - Find a Provider

    ‘Find a Provider’ allows you to use the drop-down menus to find a doctor, pharmacy, hospital or specialist near you. Need help finding a physician or scheduling an appointment? Please call 1-800-247-DEAN (3326). 

    Dean - My Chart/eVisits

     Communicate with your doctor, access your test results, request prescription refills, manage your appointments and pay your bills.  You can also save time and money with MyChart eVisits!  An eVisit may replace a visit with your primary care provider or Urgent Care.   


    DeanConnect makes it easy to print your ID card, view and download your most recent claims, view itemized reports, view pharmacy claims and confirm your eligibility period.

    Covered Preventive Services

    Navitus Generated ACA Preventive Drug List

    Healthy Living

    Glossary of Heath Insurance Terms

    Dean HMO vs POS (ESD Google Account access needed)

    Focus On Benefits



    Delta Dental/Vision Enrollment Form

    Use this form to enroll a dependent due to marriage, birth and/or adoption.  

    Delta Dental - Find a Network Dentist

    Delta Dental’s national network of dentists extends across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Simply enter your home or work ZIP code, plus some optional information if you'd like, to generate a list of the dentists near you.  

    Delta Vision - Find a Vision Provider

    DeltaVision and the Delta Dental Vision Discount Program are served by a vast network of private and retail vision providers through the EyeMed Vision Care Access network. Some DeltaVision plans also use the EyeMed Vision Care Select network. Enter your city and ZIP code to generate a list of vision providers near you, or enter additional information to narrow your search.

    Delta Dental Benefit Summary (ESD Google Account access needed)

    Delta Vision Benefit Summary  (ESD Google Account access needed)


    Flex 'My Account Assistant' login

    Active your flex My Account Assistant to view account information, claims, reimbursements and forms.  

    Information on EBC Online Account
    Flex Claim Form
    Flex Plan Enrollment Instructions (ESD Google Account access needed)
    Summary Plan Description


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