Drivers' Education

  • CESA #2 is responsible for all aspects of the Driver Education Program: school registration, classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel driving lessons to the completion and submission of all required DPI forms. CESA #2 also provides a DPI certified instructor for both the classroom and behind-the-wheel phases of the program, along with a vehicle and the appropriate insurances.

    CESA #2 classroom instruction is a 34-hour program utilizing the most current materials and technology to cover all state required topics, such as organ and tissue donation, railroad crossings, rural driving with respect to farm machinery and farm animals, adverse weather conditions, and an in-depth look at alcohol and drug impairment.

    The 6-hour Behind-The-Wheel program with DPI certified instructors offers the student a variety of driving experiences in a controlled, safe environment. Experiences will include, but are not limited to, city and rural driving, the Interstate, and the dreaded “parallel parking” experience!

    CESA #2 Driver Education Information 

    Phone:    608.588.3727

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