• Adviser: Sandy Cook

    Forensics develops abilities in public speaking and oral interpretation of literature. All interested students may join. Students choose from 18 categories including: Four Minute Speaking, Radio, Acting, Poetry, Storytelling, Group Interpretive Reading, Farrago and Demonstration. Students can work alone or in teamwork situations and have fun competing locally and at state competitions


    Forensics 2018

    State Forensics

    Forensics Guidelines to attend a meet:

    1. Participants must present work at least one time in advance 

    2. Beginning at Sub-District, a participant must earn 16 or more points from two of the judges in a three-round festival to advance to district.

    3. At District, a student must earn 20 or more points from two of the three judges to
      advance to state.

    Students Compete in this year's Rock Valley Conference Forensics meet in February. Students compete in events such as:  Group Interpretation, Prose, Farrago, Radio, Storytelling, Poetry, and Moments in History.

    The Sub-District meet will also be held in February.  

    Qualifying students will compete in Madison for State Awards in April.

    Criteria for Earning an Activity Letter/ Forensics Pin

    To earn an activity letter for Forensics, a student must be in good standing and:

    1.     Present his/her material to the coach by the deadline given
    2.     Compete in at least 3 competitions offered each year for two seasons
    3.     Qualify for and attend at State level at least one year


    1. Present her/his material to the coach by the deadline given
    2. Compete in all meets which the student signed up for during a season
    3. Earn a gold medal at State

    After earning an Activity Letter/Forensics pin, a student will earn a gold bar for each year he/she meets the Forensics criteria for activity letter.

    Note:  The Forensics Coach has authority to make final decisions based upon individual circumstances.