• Adviser:  Erin Springstead

    What the World Needs Now...

    Is YOU!

    Bring the world to your family - without leaving home by hosting an AFS student.

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    AFS/USA has led student exchanges for more than 50 years.  Edgerton has hosted AFS students since the 1960's.  We know that family life makes all the difference for a young visitor.

    Choose your student - South American, European, Asian, a basketball or tennis player, an actor or a musician? These high school students come from 50 or so different countries.  They arrive in mid-August and stay until the end of June.  They bring their own spending money and are covered by insurance during their stay.  They are eager to become a member of an American family, attend school, and experience life in the US.

    Please let Barb Grabow, Edgerton AFS representative, know if you are interested in or need more information about hosting an AFS exchange student.  Contact her at 608-884-3134 or

    Thank you for helping us welcome outstanding exchange students with caring American families like yours.