Talented & Gifted (TAG) Program

  • To view the District's TAG Handbook, click on the link at the bottom of this page.

    Fall Offerings

    • A database for tracking K-5 TAG Program students is maintained and available for review by staff
    • Southern Lakes Anthology conducted in grades 3-8
    • Invitations for Midwest Academic Talent Search sent out
    • High school Leadership Groups begin meeting
    • Notice of Saturday Enrichment Program for grades 1-8 at an area university
    • “Expanding Your Horizons” for middle level girls promoted
    • Post-Secondary Options conducted at the high school level both fall and spring college semesters
    • UW-Whitewater middle school leadership opportunity for four students
    • Quiz Bowl conducted at 6th grade
    • Math 24 teams for grades 4 & 5
    • High math groups are determined for grades 4 and 5
    • Drama presentation at the high school
    • High School Math Competitions

    Winter Offerings

    • Eligible 3-9th graders participate in the Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS)
    • High school academic letters and bars are given out to students who earned them
    • Math Team Competitions in grades 4-12
    • Arts Immersion Day held on UW-Whitewater campus for four middle school students
    • Saturday Scholars at UW-Whitewater promoted for 2nd - 6th graders
    • “Junior Great Books” accelerated reading program conducted in grades 4 & 5
    • Chess Competition in grade 5
    • Forensics at middle and high schools
    • Geography Bee for grades 5-8
    • Second grade pull-out called “Stuff Boxes” conducted
    • Trip to Madison Overture Center for 4th and 5th grade students
    • High School Math Competitions

    Spring Offerings

    • Drama production at elementary level
    • Drama presentation at the high school
    • Solo-ensemble music contests in vocal music in grades 6-12 and instrumental music at the high school
    • Algebra Aptitude Test administered to high math students in 5th grade and all regular and high math students in 6th grade
    • Numerous math scores collated and students evaluated for math acceleration at grade 6
    • Select students honored at a reception at UW-Whitewater for their entries in the Southern Lakes Anthology
    • Advance Placement Tests given at the high school or the Public Library
    • High school leadership conference on UW- Whitewater campus
    • School and community Art Shows, Helen Mears Contest, State Capital Art Show and students selected for Arts World in the summer
    • Saturday Chicago Field Trip to museums for students in grades 4 & 5 and parents
    • Spelling Bee for grades 4-8
    • Summer opportunities advertised and promoted
    • 7th & 8th grade Quiz Bowl
    • Selection of National Honor Society from junior and senior classes
    • 8th grade students identified to receive the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence
    • High School Math Competitions

    Other opportunities offered throughout the year

    • Enrichment and challenges presented in the classrooms
    • Parent-student conferences held by request for the purpose of program planning