• John Denver Tribute

    Ted Vigil’s Rocky Mountain Christmas

    December 17, 2022 at 7:30 PM Tickets $35

    Ted Vigil, one of America’s greatest John Denver Tribute Artists, has hit the road for Christmas! During his memorable Rocky Mountain Christmas concerts, Ted presents terrific Denver favorites like Christmas for Cowboys and Christmas Like a Lullaby, mixed with a rousing I’ll Fly Away, and many popular Christmas songs like Jingle Bells, in a far-out and fantastic Christmas concert.

    You’ll hear those great Denver lyrics recalling Grandma, Mathew, Annie, Eagles,

    Hawks, and Horses, too! So many John Denver songs come shining through in a Rocky Mountain Christmas, your audience will leave the concert singing, and spiritually uplifted by the experience. Ted has an uncanny physical and musical resemblance to John Denver; and when he takes the stage and begins to sing, the audience is transported back in time.

    Tickets available online at https://tickets.edgertonpac.com/ or by phone (608)561-6093 or (608)561-6200.  Series Tickets (Package) is $130 each includes one ticket to each of the 5 concerts. 


    Funded by the William and Joyce Wartmann Endowment for the Performing Arts