Technical Page

  • Sound System

     5       QSC           CXD amplifiers, (4.2, 4.3, 4.5) 

     1        Powersoft Ottocanali 4K4 eight channel amplifier for monitor Amplification


     11      SM12         Yamaha monitor loudspeakers

     12      QSC      Twelve QSC Audio W2082-i wideline install line array speakers

      4       QSC       Four QSC WL118-sw 18” subwoofers installed at the arrays

     1        CL3     Yamaha Digital mixing console This unit features 64 mono and 8 stereo channels, Dante integration and a variety of onboard

     1        MGP32X    Yamaha 32 channel mixing console (Booth auxillary)

     6       LX              Shure handheld wireless mics VHF         

     2       ULX            Shure handheld wireless mics UHF

     8       LX              Shure Lapel mics VHF

     2       ULXS4        Shure Lapel mics UHF

     7       SLX 4         Shure handheld/lapel mics UHF

     1       D112            AKG cardioid mic

     3       SM81            Shure condensor mics

     1       RE20             Electrovoice mic

     3      MD421           Sennheizer mics

     4                           Crown Choral Floor Mics

     6       SM57            Shure corded microphones

     4        Beta 58        Shure corded microphones

     8                    Telex assisted hearing receivers with ear buds

                                  Clearcom wired system

     1        M300          TC electronics dual processor effects

     1        MPX100       Lexicon Digital Effects

     1        ACP88         8 channels comp/gates Presonus

     4        DI                Whirlwind Hot Box active

     4        DI                Whirlwind Director direct box           

    CD/MD player, Dual tape player, DAT recorder/player, Marantz CD recorder, Denon DCM-290 CD/MP3 Player.  


    ETC LED lighting 

           7.    Lycian Midget 2K Mdl.1207  follow spot  2

           8.    9' light trees 4


    Projection System: Epson 8000 ANSI lumens laser light video projector


     Theatre Description

    Seating capacity 598 

    Handicapped accessible 

    Climate Control with air conditioning

    50 feet proscenium opening with 18 feet height

    10 feet thrust stage with 32 feet to upstage

    Complete Wenger Acoustic Shell with walls and clouds

    Steinway D Concert Grand Piano with in-house Piano Technician

    Yamaha P22 Studio available upon request

    Yamaha Stage Piano CP300

    Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano CLP-535

    LP Professional Gongas and Bongos

    Professional Cajon TKLE-29BOC

    3 Rock-N-Soc Tower Saddle Seat  

    9 Wenger choral risers with back and side rails

    100 black Wenger performance chairs

    Band risers of various heights available upon request


    Technical Assistance on-site contact Paul M. Tropp, EPAC Coordinator (608)561-6200